Meet the Robots

2007-Rack 'N' Roll

2007 Rack ‘n’ Roll:

Alliances and their robots pick up circular inner tubes and try to score them on the “Rack”, a three tiered metal apparatus in the center of the field. To score points, the robots must make rows and columns of tubes on the Rack. At the end of the match, robots try to lift each other up off of the ground for additional points.  Human players drop tubes into the field for their robot to pick up and score.

Our Robot:

Our Events: Granite State Regional, Atlanta World Championship

2006-Aim High

2006 Aim High:

Alliances and their robots collect and score balls into goals on the field. To get points, robots must score in either the raised goal in the center of the field or one of the two floor levels goals in the corner of the field. The match is split into a 10-second autonomous and three, 40-second “rounds”. The alliances alternate between playing defense and offense during the matches. At the end of the match, all three robots must balance on the platform below the center goal to get additional points. Human players drop balls into the field.

Our Robot:

Our Events: Boston Regional

2005-Triple Play

2005 Triple Play:

Alliances and their robots picked up tetrahedral shaped PVC pipes called “tetras”. The object of the game was to place tetras to create rows of three by placing your alliance colored tetra at the highest point on the goals. At the end of the match, additional points would be awarded if all three alliance robots were behind the alliance line on their side of the field. Human players could give a tetra to their robot in the Human Player Loading Zone.

Our Robot:

Our Events: Granite State Regional, Atlanta World Championship

2004-FIRST Frenzy

2004 FIRST Frenzy:

Teams and their robots could score by delivering purple balls to their human player, who score them in any of the goals. Also, teams can cap the goals with a multiplier ball to score points. During the end of the match, robots suspended from the 10-foot high ‘chin up bar’ would be awarded additional points.

Our Robot:

Our Events: Granite State Regional


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