Meet the Robots


2017 SteamWorks:

In a time of steam power creations, three-team alliances and their robots prepare their airships for a long distance race. To do so they collect fuel balls and shoot it in the boilers, deliver gears to airship pilots and climb the airship to prepare for flight! Human players drop gears and fuel onto the field and the Pilot brings the gears into the airship.

Our Robot: “Rocky”

Our Events: WPI, Bryant, NE District Championship, St Louis World Championship


2016 StrongHold:

In the age of Knights in shining armor, three-team alliances and their robots breach their opponents’ defenses and capture their tower by launching small foam boulders into it. Then, they surround or scale the tower to obtain their victory! Human players feed boulders to their robots through the secret passage.

Our Robot: “The Minuteman”

Our Events: WPI, UNH, NE District Championship, St Louis World Championship

2015-Recycle Rush

2015 Recycle Rush:

Alliances and their robots pick up and stack totes on scoring platforms and put recycling containers on top of their stacks. Also, teams put pool noodles inside of containers as another way of scoring points. If both alliances combined and stacked their totes on the field divider, both alliances would score cooperation points. Human players drop totes onto the field and can throw pool noodles across the field.

Our Robot: “Ronald Raygun”

Our Events: Reading, Bryant

2014-Aerial Assist

2014 Aerial Assist:

Alliances and their robots cycle around the field after a human player tosses a ball onto the field. The robots can then take the ball to the other end of the field and score in one of the goals. Robots can also assist each other in  scoring. Also, throwing the ball over the overhang in the center of the field will give teams additional points. Robots in the Goalie Zone can extend and defend their goal.

Our Robot:

Our Events: WPI, Northeastern, NE Regional Championship, St Louis World Championship

2013-Ultimate Ascent

2013 Ultimate Assist:

Alliances and their robots attempt to score frisbees into goals at the opposite end of the field. At the end of the match, robots also try to climb their alliance’s pyramid to score additional points. Human players drop frisbees for their robots to score.

Our Robot:

Our Events: Granite State Regional, Boston Regional, Pine Tree Regional


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